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Dennis Dodd thinks you are dumb.

If your heart was heavy enough to be there during the Schianamo, Dennis Dodd thinks you are a “faux moral ethicist(s).”  You also “should be embarrassed” to want a head coach who could run a kids football camp without any implied moral baggage.  You are “Bubba from Pidgeon Forge.” What do you know?

Here is a short list of things you should know:

1. Anyone can open an email account.

2. Your address can be anything you want it to be.

3. You can send anybody an email with it.

Dennis Dodd might know all three, I cannot tell you if this is true.

What I can tell you is I have awesome internet friends.

These awesome internet friends know all 3 from the previous list.

My friend is not Dan Wolken (although it would make for a hell of a plot twist,) and yes he went a little “There Will Be Blood” on the method acting here, but it’s how I’d assume Danny Boy talks about Tennessee as well.

The guy who said Butch Jones is Underrated has proved again he Doesn’t Know a Damn Thing About Tennessee. He also called you a clown and said your degree is suspect. (Speaking of suspect, what the hell is this?)

I just don’t know. Are you gonna let an accredited media member who gets tricked by a damned gmail address call you dumb? Couldn’t be me.




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