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Freedom is Offensive

The following notes are for GRITcast 002. Please find holes in this and disagree with me. Through conflict we can approach a middle ground.

Freedom is the ability to offend.

Go offend someone in a country that doesn’t have our freedoms. Let me know how that goes for you.

America exists because some folks were pissed off they were forced to do and appear to believe things that they did not to agree with.

Manifest destiny is the evident act of human nature that the ideologies of the oppressed peoples who left to form a free nation would adopt the principles that they were trying to escape from.

To protect our freedom is to embrace being offended. I’m going to offend you. I need to be accepting of you when you offend me. Keep it civil and respect the fact that we all have a middle ground that should not be impeded on. If you push me past my center we are now in direct conflict. I should try to not push past your center. Folks that believe there is only a left and right will never approach the middle to truly accept the fact that our own transgressions have pulled us to divide. They want us divided.

Freedom is only required when there is conflict.

“Freedom creates conflict.”

I will push you past your center if you push me past mine. We have this freedom to argue and we should.

“It’s Not Business.
It’s Personal.”

The anthem and football (from this point forward) is a business decision ONLY. The President is a businessman who wants to burn a company that ran him out of football ownership. Vince McMahon is starting his own league and President Trump will have a stake in this business. I dont see their version of this happening until he is out of office. Divide the NFL and you will conquer the NFL. Its pretty goddamn brilliant.

“You’re with us or you’re against us.”

Your freedom is to stand (or kneel) for what you believe in. Bring it to the table and stop relying on politics to provide your point. Every politician that has ever lived is a relentless torrential bag of shit.


They need you to need them. Fuck that. They need US.


It is human nature to be an asshole. There are casinos across America that serve as proof.

Boredom is a burden of the fortunate.

We’ve outgrown this planet if all else fails. The 69th Space Force is hiring. Thanos is our accountant.


Print this out and argue with somebody this week. Learn something. Teach something. Even if we are wrong. Find a path to the middle even if it isn’t possible to stand there.



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