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Jose Altuve, You Little B!tch

I’m gonna focus on Jose Altuve because i thought what he was doing was special.

He was a little guy that performed well above his 5’6″ frame. So cute. Bat was bigger than he was and all those photo ops w Aaron Judge where you couldnt tell if he was a real human or a kid w the Wooly Willy beard getting carded for wine coolers.

A 6X all star MVP & world series champion.

It was just wild enough to happen.

Then darkness sets in.

A twitter account posing as Carlos Beltrans niece posts “I’m told to stay quiet but i refuse sorry Tio Jose Altuve and Bregman wore devices that buzzed on inside right shoulder from hallway video guy. Lets get it all out now.” The account followed up with ” I have pictures from lockerroom I will keep for a rainy day. Altuve didn’t want shirt torn off if I remember maybe I misspoke but Chapman gave up HR in game.”


Now obviously (probably) that person is not related Carlos Beltran who was fired without working a day for the Mets.. It is a player burner or an actual insider (the account broke both Beltran’s hiring and firing before anyone else).

My money is on someone in the Yankees camp. Dive in side the mind of a guy like Aroldis (who is a piece of shit) Chapman. why put him out there.

Jose had 6 homeruns at home in the 2017 playoffs and one away.

Jose had a 1.541 OPS at home in the 2017 playoffs with a .497 away.

stats from ESPN
stats from ESPN

Maybe the guy was just comfortable at home.

Maybe there was a sloppy cheating son of a bitch in the hallway working his jeopardy buzzer ass off w no remorse to americas pasttime. a baseball terorist if you will.

You (yes you) could never in your wildest dream make successful contact with a 90 mph pitch.

You (yes you) have a slim chance of grounding out and advancing a runner with a 75 mph off speed pitch if you know its coming.

Jose Altuve had this information and was awarded with a 2017 MVP and World Series Trophy.

Are the astros the only ones doing this? no. Am i being an asshole and putting too much of this on his shoulders and not the managers who orchestrated it? Probably.

Is this a problem that can be fixed?

Fixing this is going to require something I hate. Snitching. Full bore tattling. betrayer
deep throat
stool pigeon

amnesty for all snitches. fuck it lets burn some bridges.

Everybody has receipts. Every body has a story.
I agree with the whole “if you aint lyinmg you aint trying angle” but i see that for but not for something sacred.
So theyve had ways to steal signs for damn near a hundred years. I’m sure. even tho every pitch back then was offspeed in comparison.

Everybody steals signs. its why you hide the sumbitches in the first place.

They go hard against steroids to ruin the sanctity of the game when there are actual SIG/INT folks literally cheating.
You better believe if I’m Barry Bonds or Pete Rose I’m acting up right now, showing my full ass.


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